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    Has any one traded with sp500guru.com I am looking for a good
    chat room.
  2. I dont' think it has voice. It's just a text messaging room. I think. See if they have a free trial. If they don't, then don't go with them.
  3. "Has any one traded with sp500guru.com I am looking for a good
    chat room."

    Yes, my trading partner offers one, with a free trial. If interested, send email to njs.dtw.trader@gmail.com, and I'll respond with details.

  4. What is the big secret? Nobody respond to this guy in private. If a trading room is not open to the public and it can't be talked about on this public forum then the guy is just out to get your money. Don't email this person that goes by the nickname of chgotrader. He is up to no good. He is dishonest. An honest person would not have you email him in private just to talk about a public stock trading chat room. He also made a brand new nickname and posted with one post just to do his dishonest one post and try to steal your money. You will find dishonest people like this person who goes by the nickname of chgotrader and signs with the name Nick all over the internet. If you like your money then don't answer him and if he has a legit chat room, then he can tell you about it on this forum and tell everybody.
  5. And right there is the reason that I don't bother with this forum crap.

    The negativity is absolutely ridiculous.

    However, gauntlet thrown. I will post the directions to enter the chatroom tomorrow, so that the public can access it tomorrow. I would post it now, but I do not have them on my home PC (new computer, etc)

    I will say that the chatroom is absolutely free. All we simply post are e-mini trades (along with some other futures markets at time), and allow a forum for others to discuss. Nothing nefarious, scam related, etc.

    And firstchoice, I know as well as anyone that there is a lot of crap on these boards as well as others...but don't assume that everyone is a thieving scumbag.

  6. Are these two completely different chat rooms in that one is fee-based with a free trial while the other is absolutely free?

    It just seems a little confusing when the prior poster quoted you and responded info about a trading partner that has a fee-based room with a free trial.

    You then responded that its absolutely free.

    I'm just seeking a little clarification especially since its your trading partner.

  7. traded with sp500guru. IT was garbage. Their trades were always at better prices than their subscribers. Avoid at all costs
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    that's nearly always the case in those chat rooms
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