emini chat group on IRC, for those who may be interested...

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  1. Found this on the web, #s&p seems like a nice room. Both NQ and ES are discussed...

    "How to connect to S&P and NASDAQ FUTURES Daytraders

    There are lots of trading chat channels that are hosted on the Othernet servers. Everyone is welcome to
    join them. There are several programs that you may use to connect to the
    Othernet servers. We recommend you use mIRC. To join them, please do the
    following steps:

    1. Download mIRC. www.mirc.com for a copy.

    2. Install the mIRC program by double clicking the file that you have
    just downloaded.

    3. Start the mIRC program.

    4. Click on FILE, then click options. Under the category connect, you
    will see a pull-down menu. From the pull-down menu scroll down until you
    see the OTHERNET servers. Choose any Othernet server that is close the
    your location. Then click OK. (if that does not work for you for some
    reason, you may join an Othernet server by typing this in the status
    window with no quotes:
    "/server irc.othernet.org" This should get you on an Othernet server.)

    5. Click on the lightening bolt on the upper left hand corner of the
    mIRC program.

    6. Once you are connected to the Othernet server, a screen should pop up
    and ask you what channel you would like to join. At the top of this pop
    up screen type
    "#s&p" - with NO quotes. Click on JOIN.

    7. Now is the time that you need to come up with a nickname. To change
    you nick type this with no quotes: "/nick (nickname)" Example: /nick

    You should be with S&P and NASDAQ FUTURES Daytraders We hope that you find it to be helpful and
    P.S there lots more trading rooms on this server.."
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    one of the interesting features of this irc is the realtime posting of trades.
    you can use a few macros and easily post when you buy or sell.
    I know a trader who paper traded that way for a while with help and advices from the other traders.
    the futs chat rooms are usually more interesting than stocks ones because there is no hyping relevant (or pump and dump etc..).
    also at any given time you can check who is long or short, very informative.

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    live call, go to paltalk, select business and investing heading, look for room ----es{WOODIE}nq, yannis in there, free of course.
  4. who are woodie and yannis?traders? What's the focus of the room?
  5. nkhoi