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    INtersting site :)
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    Yea, he started a "live trading room" last week. real informative. he uses pivot numbers and fib related price ranges to be in front of a move

  4. Is this a Paltalk or hotcomm room ?
  5. its a gotomeeting webinar. I'v been following him for past couple months. the room is great.
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    Quote from fluttrader:

    Is this a Paltalk or hotcomm room ?

    As far as I know, he is not either one of those.

    just like Jaysal555 said, I've been watching the site for about 3-4 months. Emini Addict is a good TA site, probally one of the best I've seen. The guy who runs the site is extremely helpful and welcome questions
  7. i've been hanging out the emini addict live trading room for about a week now. for the very modest monthly fee, it's the best value i've seen in terms of live trading rooms - david, the moderator is friendly, helpful, fairly knowledgable and spends almost the entire day giving his insight for short term and long term ES trading. I guess that's where i really see the value - a lot of other live trading rooms i've tried out trade for 60 minutes in the morning, and 45 minutes in the evening, and cost 10x as much. Emini Addicts room offers almost CONSTANT perspective and dialog on the ES throughout the trading day.

    i also like his trading style, simple combination of market internals and fibs. i find it a nice compliment to my own system.

    just thought i'd put in my two cents!

  8. Attention PureTick shoppers!

    This room is 90% less than what you are currently spending at PureTick and 100% more valuable.

    Don't piss away $300/month while your meth breath guru laughs all the way to the bank with your hard earned after tax dollars.

    Trading is a business, and rooms are an overhead item (expense) that you need to control and minimize, especially the ones like PureTick that are a ruse.
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