Emil Kraepelin Teaches Neoxx TDT

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Emil Kraepelin, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Neoxx, can you see colo(u)rs (perhaps Jack needed to write in the King's English)? Look at the attchment and tell me what colo(u)rs you see in the study pane at the bottom of the chart.

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  2. And what use is there in finding the green or red parts of this magical indicator if one does not know what the magical indicator is?
  3. Brownsfan, the sogenannten "magical indicator" can be reverse-engineered by any half-wit willing to search on Joe Doaks' posts. But you miss the point. SCT is too fucking complicated for the average (or below-average) ETer. Such a fuck-wit (Neoxx qualifies) needs a SIMPLE system. Unlike Jacko, I do not seek to be a guru. But I would cheerfully post for free on the ten-minutes a TDT chart of ES to show that it is vastly super-rear to SCT. Jack delights in sucking in the credulous and then showing them how dumb they are because they can't follow SCT. With me, we get over it from the outset. You are the dumb fuck, I am the genius. Now trade prophetably.
  4. As I believe in indicators I have to get in here before the PA only calvary arrive.

    That is not magic. That is sad.
  5. Yoohoo, what is sad about it? Remember, keep it simple, as I am manifestly an idiot.
  6. LOL, everyone's a critic. :p
  7. Indeed, JJ. ET would rather chase the PROMISE of 100% of the available profits rather than the CERTAINTY of 50%, hahaha! "Doaks' system is soooo pathetic! We can clearly see that! Whereas Jack's is superior, which we can't." Jack, why can't you make SCT a stoplight? We already know the answer, don't we? It's NOT a system! Because it's ambiguous. Contradictory. And imaginary. And made up in response to criticism. SCT is continuosly "evolving" (read "devolving"). Whereas TDT is a finished optimized stable system.