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    Been trading for a while and I wanted to share (and keep myself on my toes) my results insight and input.

    I'll be posting daily updates of my account and thoughts but the easiest way to share my thoughts is to post through video.So Ill be posting that at CrypticGains.com which is my personal blog to the trading world.

    PLAN: I've moved to a plan where I conservatively trade a system intraday and I only take the system arrows if it aligns with my overall plan of general market conditions between supply and demand levels

    Goal: Live life using trading as a tool not a hobby.

    for the next 2 weeks I'll be posting from a Sim account and after that I plan on taking my plan live. and posting all of my result

    I'll be trading ES,CL,FESX intraday.

    looking forward to feedback and comments once I start posting
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    Oops duplicate journal please find the up to date, new one.