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    i am going to subscribe service on the internet. i know i have to provide my credit card NO to the service provider. does it secure? does the issurer need my confirmation before making the settlement, or how to gurantee my credit card is secure?
  2. What kind of service are you subscribing to? Is it a stock picking service or something else related to stocks? What is it that you are buying?

    Most issuers will not need confirmation, nor will they provide compensation for losses incurred by you if you knowingly provide your cc number and the 3 digit code on the back of the card. This is my understanding.

    Many gaming sites will not be able to debit your credit card.

    There are no guarantees that your credit card is secure. I keep a credit card with a low limit for use in internet transactions.

    Please provide some details and maybe someone here can give some more information.