Emergency Rate Cut rumours

Discussion in 'Economics' started by The Kin, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Heh...I think they're beginning to realize they just need to let the damn thing run it's course.
  2. Agreed, but I doubt we've seen the end of the bailouts or the true bottom of the market. I do wish the government would just get out of the way and let the market correct itself.
  3. Bad idea. A rate today would signal panic IMO.
  4. Not picking on you specifically, Ivanovich, just on the concept of free market enthusiasts claiming that all the banks should be allowed to fail and it will be good in the long run etc etc.

    The markets aren't being controlled by unseen forces so much as being influenced. They're still going to do what they want, going up or down with the FED having a very limited say on which direction and by how much. Yeah you could say that once all the dead wood has gone we can start to rebuild but I say where we rebuild from is more important than when.

    As I said I'm not pointing to your statement as being the typical 'let them all fail!' scream you get on forums that you see from a poster who only sees the issues in black and white.

  5. 3.00 % in two months kind of reflects a panic. So what’s another 1.00% or just friggen cut to zero. Then the market can really crash.
  6. Look at December contract for Fed Fund Futures. 1.75% by end of year is gaining steam FAST!
  7. me and my middle eastern friend sheikh alwaleed.. called bernanke ... suggested its a wise move to do indeed with commodities correcting over 25%.

    I'll speak to him (bernanke) tommorow during coffee in washington!

    Will let you guys know!
  8. Haha. You're funny! Give the Sheikh my respects.
  9. That's fine, no offense taken. I'm not saying "let them fail!" I'm just laughing at the fact that, despite what the Fed/Treasury has tried to do to stop the flood waters from breaking the dam, it seems ready to break all the more.
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