EMERGENCY rate cut a possibility

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  1. If we close below 12000 next week, another emergency cut will be a string possibility. Remember, this fed will even cut on a Sunday so shorts beware.

    In all seriousness though, we're fucked. And all 3 presidential candidates will bankrupt the country.

    But oh ya... Back on topic. This is the official source of the rumours of an emergency rate cut before April 30.
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    Ok well if the fed cuts rates while I hold ES shorts over the weekend. I want a FED bailout like they did for BSC. Cause I will be in trouble.
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    Cut rates now Benny Boy !!

  6. As in future tense?

    I thought Bush had accomplished that mission.
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    an emergency rate cut at this point would only provide a panic. Why do so many people think this is a quick fix? Its a sign that things are worse than we thought and we haven't done enough to create a bottom. These cuts take 9 months to flow through the economy. A cut now would effectively be saying the bottom is 9 months or more away.

    Don't be a sheep hoping for the quick fix, because their isn't one.
  9. Well said.

    Remember the surprise rate cuts back in 2000?
    All that did was excellerate the downside.

    markets always resume the original course after a rate cut market spike.
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    Surprise rate cut @ 7,800 ?
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