Emergency Fed Rate Cut!

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  1. ...Is strongly predicted by fed fund futures. 50 bps should be cut any day now... Maybe Sumdat evening.
  2. Daal


    they wont do it before the vote. on monday they could also be worried it will be perceived as a political move to 'reward' congress
  3. Tomorrow when the market falls after the House approves the bailout.

  4. lol, most likely option out of those above.
  5. Fed Fund Futures now predicting .75% rate cut within days!
  6. I wish they would just cut to zero so the market can really tank. Let's get this dog and pony show over with.
  7. why to zero?

    i would make 50% cut

    borrow money and get double!
  8. i hope they cut 75 basis points that would seem about right they have everything in place the bailout then this to get everything growing again and this time regulate the shit out of this so that it does not happen again in 7 years, real unemployment at at least 10% real gdp growht growth has been probably negative for two quarters now, poeple are saving money, taking money out of stocks, out of banks, people are panicking, vix has been over 43 for 3-4 days with spikes to 50, the world i gonna end we are headed for a great depression i think it is time to buy...................................................
  9. Just remember one thing which has not been pointed out in any of the postings/forums I have read is this:

    Just because the Fed lowers, they don't have to lend..be honesty here, the requirments from institutional lending, medium size lending and home mortgage lending will be MUCH MUCH more stringent so the lending institutions DON'T nor ARE required to lend...sure, there can be an argument that if they lower it will spur more economic activity, but no one says they have to lend!

    Don't kid yourself, this thing get worse before it turns on a dime and gets any better....
  10. That worked well in Japan now didn't? :p Cut all you want the economy is structurally unsound. My only solace is if there is a full meltdown the rest of the world is coming down too! So that worldwide melt down will stabilize the fall in the USD. Just like I said it's spreading to Europe. The fiat money system is based on confidence and lack of confidence reins supreme.
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