Emergency Fed Meeting details

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  1. Since I have not been around for one of these Emergency Fed Meetings I'm looking for information on how one of these meetings plays out?

    Does it just happen out of thin air?

    Does a memo go out? ;)
  2. Please point to the news verifying such a meeting has taken place.
  3. was the discount window really lower than the fed funds after 9/11. Wow!
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  5. ET is becoming as trustworthy as yahoo message boards
    for accurate and truthful info

  6. are you disputing bloomberg and Fed board release, because you know more than them and they are wrong?

    Original question, did the fed ever have an emergency meeting? If so, how did it play out? I think the detailed chart answers that question.

    Since you are above the boards, perhaps you can post some 'facts' indicating the fed never has emergency meetings outside of regularly scheduled meetings.
    Maybe some of your yahoo buddies can corroborate some of the facts for you.
  7. great chart dtrader thx
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