emergency Fed cut predicted by Goldman strategists

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  1. Arnie


    Well, if they do, I will short any pop. When will they finally realize this isn't about rates?
  2. Interesting. Goldman saying a cut will happen, Fisher saying it won't. I don't know about you guys, but my bet is on the Dallas Fed Chief. He generally needs to be in the loop on the whole intermeeting thing.
  3. S2007S


    everyone thought from day 1 that lowering interest rates would keep liquidity flowing and a bull market intact for another 5 years. :p :p

    As for the overall market, its heading for jan 22nd lows, I have been saying this for weeks, I have been saying this since 12700+. Were headed back down, however this is where I would be BUYING and not selling...
  4. 2 months in a row we have "EMERGENCY cut" the week before a scheduled meeting?

    Has everyone gone off their rocker?
  5. Its pathetic, but then again this whole system is pathetic
  6. CStar


    Goldman is trying news-byte tactics to protect their own 'ass'ets. Keep the media scare going to lower rates now or else. I had to completely disagree with Jim Cramer who kept hollering "They know nothing!" at the Fed. He was right, they don't, but for all the wrong reasons. He thought they should have plumitted rates a lot faster.

    The Fed was going in the right direction with moderate increases over time. Inflation is real in commodies and when that effects the global economies, which are doing better than we are, it will be exported back to us in what our archaic definition system will finally define as real inflation. Only this time it will be stagflation, because job cuts and other factors that won't allow for typical wage inflation at this point in time. If I had to bring back something from the 70's that I just couldn't stand, I'd almost rather it be disco!

    Bush and Bernanke, the new stars of the hit reality TV series Dumb and Dumber.
  7. They all know nothing! The tape knows everything!
  8. and they said wall streeters are not evil and conniving.
  9. Joab


    Ya think ?

    I hate to say this but I was screaming to anyone that would listen 6 months ago (as the markets was making new highs) that the fed better save it's bullets.

    The older I get, the stupider people become.

    I know you can relate gnome :)
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