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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by 2cents, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Baron,

    Even Feedback is becoming a complete toilet... why don't you set up a separate "Pro" forum where members have to meet certain standards & provide ID or the like, so they know that if they are banned, its for good... and embed the stuff as a dedicated section into "elite" for all the other tossers to see, but not post trash to?

    could attract better traffic & eyeballs don't you agree?

  2. That's actually not a bad idea. I'm a part-time swing trader/forex trader. So by no means a pro. I would personally benefit from a forum I could read and learn without posting prilvages.
  3. or the admission criterion (for posting rights) could simply be that members provide verifiable ID details, same as when one opens a brokerage acct for instance. simple, but once your banned, that's it...

    hopefully that would leave us with a clean space with mostly value-adding content and little need for moderation...
  4. ^ nahhh, i would rather see verifable proof of account size so you don't get a bullshitter with an ID
  5. hughb


    How do you verify the account size? Nobody's broker or clearing house is going to disclose your account size.

    The solution to what the OP here is looking for is to have a real-time trade posting section. And it wouldn't just have to be for hyperactive day traders, longer term players could post too. No bullshitter would dare enter a real-time only forum.
  6. sure but you'll also want to ask questions, therefore need to be able to post -> need to become a member

    shld be fine to leave it to Baron to set any reasonable admission criteria... its his $$$ after all...
  7. Never stopped T28/cold/C-kid/Jasonn/20 other aliases.

    He prides himself on shock and awe, but more heavily on the inane...