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  1. i hope not!

    i far prefer using my hotmail address, and NEVER use my isp's email...

    would it be THAT difficult to allow current users (especially old timers like me :)) to keep a hotmail address??
  2. Trajan


    This is a very bad idea. How will Metooxx keep in touch as he roams the earth in search of his island(tax) paradise?
  3. Bad idea, for the reasons Daniel_M gave... it could be useful as a way of stopping multiple personality posters... perhaps relax restrictions and inform by automated email once a user has established himself e.g. say at 200 posts...
  4. yes, this is definitely not a good idea...I think I speak for many in saying that hotmail and yahoo e-mail accounts are our primary accounts and are actually quite effective in reducing SPAM, viruses, etc that are commonplace with the standard ISP accounts...
  5. i dont like it:(
  6. Baron

    Do you have any idea how many free email sites are out there besides Yahoo and Hotmail?
  7. u130747


    Yahoo is my e mail provider. Whom do expect me to use???

  8. what's the verdict, Baron?
  9. We have our own domain, we will figure it out.

    But, it is always nice to know someone is looking out for you ...
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