Email software that updates every second

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Daal, Dec 13, 2007.

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    The minimum I could find was 1min
  2. Ignoring the inevitable posts to follow that will ask you WHY? You will need an Exchange server and Outlook (full, not Express) as your server/client.

    The instant the Exchange server receives it, a connected Outlook will show the message. No Send/Receive necessary.

    There are lots of web hosting companies online that will provide you such a service. Try here:

    But simply changing email clients using your existing service provider won't do it since I'm guessing you use POP mail. Hell, even IMAP still requires a Send/Receive.
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    all the software needs to do is to the 1minute procedure every 5 secs or so. i dont think this is a server issue
  4. Your post said "updates every second." That means Active Sync or an Exchange server.

    Now you say every 5 seconds. Which is it?
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    either one is good, 1mim is a little too much
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    sec fillings and company news if your wondering why
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    another alternative is to look for a mail provider and client that supports the IMAP IDLE command.

    I believe the free aol email accounts support IMAP IDLE on the server side and you can keep using Outlook Express on the client side.