Email service for business email - need help!

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  1. Well, my trials and tribulations with spam mail have created another headache tonight. Long story short, I'll be headed to the local computer shop to hopefully restore my files.

    What I am asking for help with is those that either run a business or are in the 'know' about business email services - can you please recommend a provider that screens incoming email before Outlook would even see it!! I'm not even sure of the correct terminology here, but I need a provider (like a yahoo or hotmail) for businesses that strictly screen incoming email before even allowing it to my inbox.

    Thanks guys!!
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    I use gmail and have seen zero spam so far.
  3. nk - I don't believe they have a business service where it would be If they did, I would probably use it!!
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    you can get yahoo to run your business email.

    You still use your business domain, but Yahoo will run the email service in the background. All your emails are secured and protected by Yahoo.
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    google does offer business email service and i think it is still in beta and currently free.

    I remember getting a google invitation a couple months back to be a beta tester.

  6. Thanks guys, I am going to check Yahoo and Google for sure!!!
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    I agree!

    Set up a gmail account, you can even configure it to forward to another address and have POP access to it on OUTLOOK.

    All the major crap will be filtered out automatically.

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    Go with a regular gmail account. A business email account with yahoo, forces you to get a yahoo account before you can create a activate your business email account through yahoo hosting. A lot of people just have the business mail forward to gmail.
  9. Google offers free hosted email service for your .com domain. Take a look at:

    The service works very well, I know several people who are using it.

    You should use a service like to register your domain and then point your MX mail registry to google as per their instructions and then you are good to go.

    - Greg
  10. Look for any website host or email host that openingly promotes Anti-Spam features and then call them for more in-depth info.

    * Email Filtering by words
    * Spam Guards
    * White lists
    * Email Bounce backs as if your email address isn't valid to any spam sender
    * Email Tracing et cetera

    All prior to the email being sent to your email box.

    Yahoo and Google is not adequate for such although they can do a few of the above.

    The other alternative (not good for most) is to filter the email after it reaches your infox.

    Thus, you can filter before or after.

    I prefer the before route.

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