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  1. Dear IB Customer:

    During the last few weeks we have been running an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal regarding the safety of moving money to Interactive Brokers. We want all of our customers to know that every word of this advertisement remains true and accurate. We are proud of our prudent and conservative policies that protect our clients' assets. Please click here to see our advertisement.


    Interactive Brokers
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    Don’t Take Chances
    Investors concerned about deteriorating credit markets, looming write
    downs by brokers, the mishap at MF Global, rumors of hedge fund
    liquidations and counterparty credit risk should consider moving their
    accounts to Interactive Brokers.
    For 30 years, controlling and avoiding risk has been the primary
    consideration in building our automated dealing and brokerage systems.
    Other than cash and one day forwards foreign currency transactions,
    Interactive Brokers does not take positions in over the counter securities,
    including mortgage related or other collateralized debt obligations or
    swaps of any kind.
    In addition to foreign exchange, we trade only exchange listed products
    that are cleared through central clearing houses and are marked daily to
    external closing prices disseminated by the exchanges.
    Our proprietary positions and resulting payables and receivables are
    reconciled against external sources daily. Our real-time margin system
    prevents the execution of orders for accounts with insufficient margin
    by continuously enforcing limits for each account, and it automatically
    liquidates positions if any individual account violates its limits at any time.
  3. Very nice rebound today. may close down just a buck.
  4. We have tens of millions of dollars at IB. We are not worried. Why should you? :cool:
  5. Can you link them here? I'd like to see the ads.
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    Here you go.
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    Didn't you say that last week about BSC?.............................kidding.:D

    Hey, MAESTRO
    Good to hear from you. That is actually reassuring. :)
  8. Nice to hear from you too! Believe me, if we were in any trouble I would be pulling hair on my ass! I think IB is solid. No worries!
  9. RefcoFX also assured its clients - including me - that their funds were safe as they went bankrupt. It is in IB's best interest to calm its clients in a similar way to avoid mass withdraws.

    Interactive Brokers appears to be using the same play book RefcoFX used.
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    I was wondering about them last night. I forgot they were called RefcoFX. I was remembering them as Revco. Ha. :) Sorry you evidently lost some money. That's a drag :( Did the SIPC cover any of the losses?
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