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  1. hi
    i am going to get a new email address cause hotmail sucks!! i swear they sold my email ady to every spammer in the country....
    but i was wondering if theres any free email services that have free email for traders... like know something like that..and if not could you recommend a good free email service?? (hotmail is out of the question, and i have a yahoo, but i odnt want that as a email service cause i hear its the same as hotmail..i just use it for the messenger)
    thanks everyone
  2. this probably isn't the solution you want, but i'll at least tell you about it. you could buy your own domain name and have any email address you long as you can find a domain name you like that isn't taken.

    for example,
  3. I had the same problem with hotmail and got a new one with
    my same name So far, so good.
  4. jpomerenke

    I use my hotmail and yahoo email address as SPAM filters. Thus, if I didn't get SPAM...I was not doing something correct.

    In other words, my real-actual email address is never used for testing, signing up, subscriptions nor do I give my actual email address to new people I meet online. That's what I use the Yahoo and Hotmail email address for as a FILTER for my actual email address.

    Hotmail has a better filters than Yahoo. For can filter by domain names. For example...a well known spammer domain like never reaches my hotmail box because I filter just that domain along with other popular spam domains.

    Also, most good spammers will spam email addresses that uses a normal worded name like

    Thus...the J. Stevens guy could use's a good bet which email address of the two above would good the most junk mail.

    Simply...Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses should not be used as a primary address but as a spam filter address.

    Who ever you pick...make sure they have good filters and allows for filtering by domain names.

  5. use sentences that are really long and have a # or 2 in them.

    I have an email address that has Never recieved spam yet to date (3 yrs plus)


    too long for most spammers to even think about...


  6. Pound


    Actually, Hotmail doesn't sell your email if you tell it not to. Most of those spam emails that you get come from you visiting a website with pop-up ads and browser software programs (cookies) that are installed and take info from your hard disk.

    This crap is called "spyware" or "adware". Sometimes called "trojan horse".

    You can remove this stuff regularly with this program:
  7. With my typing skill the probability of me being able to successfully type in an email address that long is next to nil. However that is a great one for when someone asks you what your email address is and you don't really want to give it out. Repeat that one fast 3 times and then look impatient if they didn't get it all written down. Then you just say "I'll be in touch"
  8. Sanjuro


    If you have Hotmail account, read the following:

    Did you know that about 2 months ago MSN added 2 little boxes in
    all the profiles? These boxes if marked share your email with other
    One box, if checked, gives other people the right to see your
    information including your address.

    Now MSN has taken all the passports that were created before they
    added this and marked YES SHARE MY INFORMATION and did not tell

    HOW to remove your name: sign into your email account (for those
    with more then 1 you have to do it for all of them), click on
    Options then Personal Profile and scroll to the bottom ... u will see the
    TWO added boxes - remove the check marks and finish up.

    CHECK it out. It's true.