EMA vs MA Crossover for Emini's

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  1. Hello all...in regards to the EMA vs MA crossover for DAYTRADING for eminis Indexes:
    What number do you use for the EMA and MA and does it reflect the open, high, low or close number?...my Futures trading platform can be set to any setting...thanks for sharing your insights...IncreaseNow!!!
  2. Is it just my imagination or are you new to trading.
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    There is nothing wrong with MA systems.
    Just try to stay away from chop and you'll do ok :D :D
  4. Chop is easy to see using a chop indicator.It has two steps...

    step 1 .... enter and exit using a MA crossover.

    step 2 .... watch your account. If it goes up, you are in trend. If it goes down then you are in chop.
  5. Oh So that's what that built-in Choppiness Indicator is for on Esignal. :eek:

    Seriously though, MA crossovers only work well in trending markets. You will get sliced and diced in a sideways market.
    Also, don't depend on them for both entry and exit in the same trade. Often a profitable trade will come a loser while you are waiting for the crossover signal to exit.

    Now, to answer your original question. Take a look at a 10 EMA with another 10 EMA offset by 2 periods. Using a 10 min chart, trade in the direction of the first MA (the non-offset one) once the two cross. PM me on where to send the royalty checks.
  6. there is nothing wrong with MA systems........... except you will never win in the long run..........do not believe the bullshit .........ask people for PROOF before you follow blindly..........
  7. so you use 10 and not 8?
  8. There are countless settings you can use for a MA Crossover system. Experiment until you find one that works for you.
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    final word of advice:

    it doesnt work though.
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    At best, crossovers should be used as a lagging confirmation of a leading indication.

    Advice: try pattern recognition for eminis. Use MA's to tell you what kind of trend you're in, be it an uptrend or down. As signals either based on pattern recognition or leading indicators tend to be different in up and down trends.
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