EMA & Stoch strategy

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  1. I am interested in backtesting and then automating the following strategy. Automating may not be the right word - I would be happy enough to receive a text or e-mail when a signal is generated.

    What software would best let me do those two things?

    The strategy would be to enter (long or short) when the 13 and 34 day emas on the 60 min chart cross and then to exit when stochastics emerge from overbought or oversold.

    I would be trading etfs. Thank you
  2. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Ninja Trader can do both.
  3. I checked out Ninja traders web site and they referenced using Tradestation strategies. What's the difference between the two programs? Thanks
  4. MGB


    Yes, NinjaTrader can do what you're asking (with or without TradeStation).

    The relationship between TradeStation and NinjaTrader is: TradeStation can send signals to NinjaTrader. In turn, NinjaTrader can execute your trades with your broker.

    Bottom line, for what you're trying to do? You don't need TradeStation. NinjaTrader would do it all for you.