EMA Expantional Moving Average

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  1. When I calculate the EMA manually for a specific day by using
    Where C= close of stock today
    K= 2/1+n (n- periods)
    P= EMA for previous day

    I got the right figure by comparing my output with which I got from my software chart for stock analysis. But, when I run the software on next day to get the today ema I found that the ema for yesterday was changed and it is not the same as what I got on yesterday.

    Please explain why is this change?
    And what is the simple way to calculate ema by utilizing Excel

  2. LeroyB3


    I would guess that you might not be holding "n" as a constant and linking it to all of your other EMA's from previous periods, but that's just a guess.


  3. ===========
    Could be you checked it at close;
    settlement price 15 minutes later is different.

    Or 3 different charting services can & do have 3 different EMA prices;
    happens all the time, indicators arent exact:cool:
  4. its exponential by the way not expantional, R0R.