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  1. The new ELX Futures exchange is supposed to be launching July 10th.

    "ELX Futures, L.P. offers electronic trading in US Treasury Interest Rate futures products including the 2 Year, 5 Year and 10 Year Notes and 30 Year Bond contracts with full support for Block trading and Exchange For Physicals."

    Check out the fee schedule...

    Any thoughts how this may affect CME fees and volume?
  2. It's curious the example of saving for non-member: 1.1 Mln vs. CME: who trades 10K lots/day and choose not to be a member or trading under any other of the available membership profiles? :D
  3. The ELX has no chance whatsoever.
  4. LOL

    The ELX seems to me as a very amateurish project done by a 9th grade business class. Heck, the volume on CME will go up on July 10th due to hedging for any trades that may accurr on ELX (a couple 1 lots maybe) .

    CME just released a new discount program for high volume traders.

    Maybe the "Founders" are using the ELX as a tool to get CME to respond with lower rates because they sure as heck didn't invest any $ into the venture.
  5. Yeah, and there will probably at least be some arb between the CME and ELX markets keeping the prices in line.
  6. 1) If somebody bids or offers on ELX, does anybody really care?
    2) Will the ELX members do "wash trades" among themselves in order to create the appearance of a market? :cool:
  7. EFPs on equitties =.25% or 0%

    EFPs on treasurys= 1.60% to 3.55%

    i think ELX-FUTURES will do very well
  8. I have been out of town for awhile, and didnt see this new exchange news,,, I guess tommorow we will see the elx volume. I hope it fails. Its using a 1/2 tick for the 30Y. I hope that fails too.

    If the elx switchs to a full tick in the 30Y then I dont care where the volume goes.

    August should be interesting
  9. If ELX does not switch to 30Y full tick, they could gain some attention from black boxes arbing vs. CME 30 full tick.

    But 30Y is not enough to re-create the Tsy mkt...
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