elricardostradingroom.com killed himself.

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  1. Is it true? Another daytrader committed suicide and killed himself? Rumor has it that Richard Gerard from Palalk and www.elricardostradingroom.com killed himself after losing all his money daytrading? His website is gone, his paltalk room is gone, and he is gone.

    It must be true.

    For traders who remember "elricardo"(which was his online nickname), he was a 58 year old plumber turned daytrader. He lived alone with his 80 year old something mother because he could not afford to live on his own after losing his money trading. He had no choice other than to move back into his same bedroom he grew up in.
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    his site had not actived since may 2006 and his Pal room had been on and off, seem like he still has his follower but with less and less number of people every time it was on. With the new Paltalk 8.2 it seem like you can't do dummy attendants any more. I used to see one of market profile room with over 400 people, no more :D
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    I took a trial of his room quite awhile ago as I had been with him in another room for a fair amount of time before that. His calls were always after the fact and he would flap on endlessly, and say "ca ching" a million times a day as though he had made actual money. I spoke with him on the phone at the end of the trial, and he was nuts to talk to. Sorry if he did kill himself, but sorry for anyone that paid for his lack of services also.
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    El is main guess in trading zone room for those want to know :D
  6. What rumor are you basing this on? What is your source for this rumor? The link you provided doesn't say anything about anyone killing themselves. And why do you say "it must be true" ?
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    This has been confirmed by a broker who used to work with him
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    Then your broker is a liar, or you are. Not sure why you would make it up, but I don't really care. I hang out in a room where El Ricko was long before he got into his...ah own business I guess I'll say, and the people who run the room still talk to him. Somwone mentioned the rumor in the room a few weeks ago so they called and spoke to him. Oddly enough I don't think they can speak to the dead, so another false rumor on ET shot down.
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    guess = guest. sorry :)

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