Eloquence from Bill Moyers

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  1. Is he still an alcoholic?? Ole Bill "one for the road" Moyers.
  2. Arnie


    Moyers is an idiot.

    Obama's problems aren't with "talk radio" or "right wing crazies". It's is own party. Even some of them see this for what it really is.
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    The dems have 100% control. They don't need a single republican vote. If Obama's agenda is so left-wing that a decent percentage of his own party wont go along with it, thats his fault.
  4. Only that he isn't left wing enough.
    Like Nixon was to Reagan, Obama is just the appetizer. The main course is coming.
    If you think you're miserable now, fahgeddaoubit. Far worse (or better, depending on your POV) is coming.
    Obama is weak, and has already shown himself to be so by his cave-in on the public option in healthcare, his cave-in on prosecuting the Bush Admin for their trashing of 230 years of tradition in the military on treatment of prisoners, his cave-in on nationalizing the banks and pulling an FDR on day one of his Admin.
    He ain't The One. When The One rolls around, y'all will be gnashing your teeth, and realizing you had it good in 2009.
    The country is indeed watching and not liking what it sees. If you think they're drawing the conclusions you'd like, you're smoking some powerful shit.
  5. Cesko


    Definitely, you don't like what you are seeing. :D :D

    Lot of love lost lately for you folks on the left. So much anger on MSNBC.

    Such smart people, so well read, degreed, yet it took forever before they were able to figure out Obama is one big phony idiot.
  6. Arnie


    I can only hope and pray he moves more to left (not sure how that is possible, though). Go get yourself a NYT of Wash Post and read up, son. It's not just health care people are upset about. There is a lot of voter remorse out there and it's not from the hard left or hard right...it's from the middle. I'll go out on a limb here: Obama is going to hang the left out to dry on Wednesday...no public option. All I can say is, thank you Madam Speaker. :D
  7. Cesko: I'm a little older than the volunteers who worked for him, so I always figured him for a phony. Anyone running for Prez is. The only question is whether that phony bobbing head on TV says he agrees with you or not. If he does, that gives you a hammer to beat him over the head with.

    Arnie: The fact you can't imagine him going further to the left is amusing. As I pointed out to Barth Vader, Obama's health proposal is to the right of Winston Churchill's, who was not exactly a socialist. He showed his hand right up front, when Geithner didn't take over the big failed banks right away, and continued the stupid strategy of the Bush Admin, treating it as a liquidity problem when it was in fact a solvency problem. Anna Schwartz, another fire-breathing socialist, agrees with me on the analysis of the problem and the solution.

    We are in an age where a speech by the President to schoolkids to work and study hard is taken as indoctrination. The right is completely out of control, and this President is too weak to stand up to their intimidation.
    The way this is going to turn out is as follows: the economy will recover, Obama will do 8 years, some Republican will become Prez after that, and the economy will finally and firmly collapse on that unfortunate soul's watch. Unless we have some sort of miracle and that Republican actually diagnoses the problem correctly and solves it, that person will be another Hoover. The Dem who follows will make Obama look like the moderate milquetoast he is.