Elocal's J-trader

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  1. Does this mean they use their own servers and use RCG only for clearing ? Why don´t they use RCG´s servers ?
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  2. virgin


    Yes, they use their own servers and clear
    trough RCG.
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  3. stevet


    elocal is owned by RCG - so effectivly they are the same thing - the servers should be RCGs though - so that any IB which uses RCG would go through them - or is this not the case? - i would be pretty pissed off if i was another IB and elocal was given priority - so i dont think that can be the case?
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  4. stevet



    it does not matter how low commisions are - and i personally believe that in a few years - you will look back and be amazed that anyone payed $10 - but anyway - the level of their profits is not the point - the fact is that they take clients - when they know their equipment is not up to it - and the whole point of paying more than Interactive Brokers cost - is that you are meant to get a 100% service - which elocal did not provide - but the people who lose are the clients - as they may get screwed in trades

    commisions are a factor in a traders bottom line - but so are technical problems - they are a real cost as well which has to be factored in - so this is an important consideration
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  5. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    Advanced Futures offers the J-Trader(patsystems)
    The clearing firms that I work with offer great service
    and are always working on ways to improve their
    technology to handle any problem.
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  6. stevet


    what are the specific clearing firms?
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  7. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

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  8. stevet


    and how do you decide which one to apply to an account
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  9. Xenia


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  10. Where do you get the info that Elocal is owned by RCG ?
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