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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by virgin, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. virgin


    Why was that other thread about this topic closed ???

    Anyway I talked today with Jeff Ganis from Elocal and this
    is what he told me ;

    "we have installed numerous network upgrades including
    a 25,000 $ DS20 dual processor order routing engine.
    We have retooled our entire comm's room and power
    structure. In all we have upgraded 7 servers including ex-
    change servers. In addition we will have complete load
    balancing BGP redundancy for internet implemented this
    week-end. This is something few if any other firms offer.
    We have hired 3 new full time very good tech people.
    Knock on wood, we have had no service interruptions
    of any kind(includin internet) for 3 weeks, this can be verified
    on the chat rooms. In short after our bad couple of weeks
    last month we have made vast improvements and provide
    great reliability."

    This are his exact words, if in doubt just make a call to him..
    This not intented as sales talk in any way !
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Because it contained misleading posts from someone who was pretending to be an average client when in fact he is a principal of eLocal. The thread also contained solicitations from another firm, which is a violation of our member agreement.

  3. virgin



    That principal you are talking about, I suppose , is Jeff Ganis,
    yes ???

    Anyway this ARE his words, I have posted, this is the truth
    and nothing but the truth...

    Please, let someone make a call to him, so that he can
    confirm what I have posted.... !
  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Actually, it was NOT Mr. Ganis. And besides, I was commenting about the previous thread, not this one.
  5. virgin


    Ok Baron !

    My experience with the reliability with Elocal has as a matter
    of fact improved the last days ; not anymore of that numerous
    disconnections of the price and host feed....

    I would like to hear the experience of the other people
    trading with Elocal.
  6. when he says "we have installed" is he referring to RCG the FCM?
  7. stevet


    do brokers who take on clients when they probably know their equipment is not up to it - pay the client for the problems they cause the client

    and when they have screwed up so badly - do they guarantee to make good any losses they cause for new clients who know the history
  8. Is this a rhetorical question or what?
  9. Considering that futures commissions are as low as they are, I don't see any margin for error and the brokers certainly aren't going to cough the money up out of their pockets...The cheaper they go, the more volume they hope to capture to make up the difference...
  10. virgin



    Jeff Ganis was talking about their OWN servers.
    #10     May 1, 2002