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  1. think there's a prenup? :)
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    Do bears shit in the woods?
    Yup there is a prenuptial that goes into past and future assets....and it spells out every damn thing that couple does with their money down to who pays for the fries at McDonald's.
    In order to be that wealthy you have to love money more than any piece of tail.
  3. Just curious cuzz I know a few people who have prenups but don't know the details. I was always under the impression that future earnings had to be split 50/50 by law. So that's interesting to hear a prenup can even insulate you from that.

    More importantly, I've got to get started on that first billion...I've got a little ways to go...
  4. Short answer - Yes

    A prenup is a contract - you can write any terms you want and both agree to (as long as it's not illegal of course).
  5. Aah...what a test for true love!
  6. where's ShoeShineBoy?