Elliott's letter to AT&T

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    Paul Singer's message to Stephenson & Co.
  2. Ah; the kind of thing that used to be known as a "come-to-jesus" letter. The main question is, will AT&T actually pay attention (assuming it can)? The cost of policy change for a behemoth like that would be immense - and that's leaving the various bruised and reactive egos, as well as questions of who has a clearer vision on the right direction (or even whether anybody knows what T actually needs) aside.

    I'm going to guess that you have a pretty well informed opinion on the effect of it, though. If you can share any of it, even in generalized terms, that would be interesting.
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    Page 4 of the document is disturbing. They go on about how SBC was the best of the baby bells? Seriously? What about NYT and NET? And then they all got sucked back under the AT&T umbrella...I recall the baby-bell wars.

    How come in the Boston area, my iPhone with AT&T service gets 2-3 bars of cell reception, out in the open? ON PLAIN OLD PHONE SERVICE!

    Fix that, and THEN we'll trust you with your plans for 5G data. Oi!