Elliott Wave: Wave 5?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by waggie945, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. Did we just end a "classic" A-B-D-E Wave 4 on the Dailys?

    Is this the beginning of a Wave 5?

    Any thoughts?
  2. maxpi


    Is wave 5 where western civilization goes off the edge of the world and we all invest in bullets and farmland?
  3. jem


    Wait, first I must accept an offer on my house so I can be in cash.
  4. No, Wave 5 is when the government "pumps-up" GDP on lots of defense spending because we "fear the enemy".

  5. ttrader


    And the enemy is wave 5 ...

  6. maxpi


    I feared the enemy when they screwed up the twin towers but now I think they are slightly comical. Wave 5 must be where we wake up from our analysis induced slumber, realize it is all bullshit and kick some ass.
  7. MRWSM


    We've been in wave 5 for some time now, some counts show 5 is done and I admit it is getting more probable. I'll keep that in mind but for now here is my current count.

    Wave 51= 19.76 on 10/9/2002
    Wave 52= In Progress
    Wave 52A= 28.79 on 11/29/2002
    Wave 52B= 23.32 on 2/13/2003
    Wave 52C= In Progress

    For a chart and a complete count visit:

  8. maxpi


    Right, and if it turns out different you will say "oops, this wave way back here wasn't really a wave at all"
  9. I thought this was a B Wave on a A-B-C retracement wave...

    He he he...
  10. maxpi


    I just did a google search on backtest and elliott wave looking for some backtested results. Guess what, so far I'm not really finding "backtested results" and "elliott wave" on the same page. I of course being an unbiased seeker of truth will keep on trying to find that, endlessly.
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