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  1. Stephen


    I am thinking of buying Advanced Get but find it expensive. Does any one know of any good and inexpensive software that does wave count for you ??

    I heard about Prognosis from Netherlands but not sure if it is any good.

    Also is there any website that do wave counts on the S&P or the Nasdaq Indexes ??

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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  2. Stephen


    The software by Prognosis is ELWAVE 6.0 on the elwave.com site
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  4. Stephen


    Thanks for the link, confirms the generally believe that Elliott is too subjective for practical trading ??

    May be I am looking in the wrong direction. All I wanted to achieve is to improve the confidence level in estimating a price targets for the Dow and NDX for the intermediate term (2 to 8 weeks).

    I have a tendency to enter the trade too early and subsequently exit too early after the turn. Just looking for tools to improving the confident level in staying with the trade.
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    try dynamic trader
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  7. Stephen


    Are there any Advanced Get users out there ?

    Just wondering if it is worth the money they are asking for.
    After all they seem to have good ratings per the Stock & Commodities software ranking.
  8. jem


    I have spoken with about a dozen people who have told me they never made any money with the software. I suspect using it is just like using any other method, art, skill timing and experience with a good understanding of cutting your losers and the discipline to do it may help. Also a few discussions groups on the internet although small in nature occasionally have people asking the same question and I have never seen anyone step up and say they are making money with the software.

    I suspect there are a few people making money with it, but you probably can't get them to tell you how they do it. So my thought is that they should show me. If the company offered a short trial (last I looked they did not) period, I would be more open minded, but for now it looks like a marketing ploy to lock people into expensive one year or maybe longer contracts or big up front purchases. So I think the company should produce proof.

    By the way before you call me all negative ----the guy who sits next to me at work used it and so did some of this friends and his statements contributed to my above comment. I personally think I could make money with it but at this time I would not spend money on it. So maybe my challenge will produce profitable users. In which case I would adjust my opinion.
  9. I have used Get for some time now and would be lost without it. You have to take the time to learn it and use all of the tools besides the waves and then it is very good. I track the indices and use the tools on them constantly and then trade them or their components with the flow. If you wait for the index to set up for a buy or sell then go with the flow the accuracy is pretty high. I don't day trade so can't comment on that. You can get free data using Yquote after you buy Yquote. The price for Get is high and I really had to wonder when I paid for it but it came highly recommended and I wouldn't give it up. The difference really shows up in the account which to me is the bottom line. After this time it also gives me peace of mind about what I plan on doing.


    "If you don't change direction you are going to end up where you are headed" :)
  10. Stephen


    I think if one focus on applying the software to indexes the success rate would be much higher, and the analysis would also be more reliable.

    For the last 2 years I have shifted my trading focus to index related products and found that trading results are a lot more consistent than dealing with individual stocks.
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