Elliott wave analysis for rice

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  2. "I think" is the operative word for Elliot Wave, here.

    "Or we may have started another wave and may soon see some buying. With Eliiot Wave, one can never know. So few waves, so many interpretations."

    "But hey, just monkey around with some options, and you might trip over profits!"

    "Lost? Confused? Are you new? Elliot Wave is a fast-track, exciting journey into the void! Just drop your trading capital into the jar and come along with us..."
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    Dude why don't you give it a rest....I've seen your last posts and all they do is attack elliott trading.

    Just because you don't like doesn't mean others don't.
  4. If you don't have anything showing the value of EW, then consider your comment ignored. And since it is pretty likely that you cannot, whatever.

    I "attack" it because it is trash. garbage. useless. EW is a major farce, and I am not about to throw support to someone who is planning to lure in traders based on squishy "I think" or "now that I see it, maybe it was a different kind of wave like he already has."

    This is the kind of garbage that snake oil salesman have been tempting newbie traders with for decades. "Trust me" is not the basis for leveraged trading.