Elliott analysis for Silver

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    I think long term we've completed a nice five wave impulse wave....could be a large correction in silver coming

    for more analysis go to this site

  2. ... elliot wave does not consider changes in fundamentals ... only looks at charts ...

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  3. newer traders, stay away from this Elliot Wave crap. As he said on another thread (and as usually happens), "well wave 5 could have been 3"

    You will find that with Elliot Wave, it will be constantly be wrong in such a way as to find it has no value.

    Here is another thought. Scrape EW out of your trading. There is no evidence that the market moves according to 5wave dominant or 3wave corrective patterns. As many have said, people read patterns into the market (and as in 6 sense "They see what they want to see). EW is unfounded.

    So, throw out the smoke and mirrors and find something that is proven to have value.

    This vendor it trying to make a business by dragging newer traders into this so they can lose their money.

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