Elliot Wave

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Turboman24, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. I'm reading through a book on Elliot Wave and it doesn't really say how you are supposed to start counting waves. Looking at a daily and weekly chart, how do you begin?
  2. Daily and weekly.Start with the high march 2000. Who's methodology?
  3. Bravo you just pinpoint the core of the problem :D

    As for myself I never go farther than abc with Elliottness:D
    Happily I can do my own kind of elliott charts with my model (It's a degradation of my model but more easy to interpret and then check afterwards on the model): My model inject automatically the wave 1 since after wave 1 it is automatic procedure. Nevertheless I don't pretend that it is Elliott but a golden wave framework like elliott but more easier, more precise (as far as I can check but I must do more thorough comparison the problem is real time elliott charts are rare) less complicated but perhaps less rich then in interpretation power I must check that part.

  4. I'm working off of Prechter's book. Anyone care to comment on the shorter term newsletter from Elliot Wave International.