elliot wave = two down three up KABOOM

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  1. i see profit taking within the next two weeks. anyone care to share their opinion?
  2. "elliot wave = two down three up KABOOM "


    I am Kabooming all the way to my bank from BUYING, BUYING, BUYING !!!!!!!!!

    13,000+ and on the way to 15,000 !

    Yee Haw!!!!!!!

    Elliot wave should stick to surfing if he is so into waves
  3. i suppose you think I didn't ride all the way up here.

    ok let's quantify your statements.

    13,000 to 15,000.

    and when do you think you will get your 2,000pts?

    do you think you'll get them during the next two months? muhahahaha.

    play the ups and downs. don't look for absolute returns like all the pups who get rapped by the big dawgs.

    i already chased the trend to 13,000. i'm playing on profits. come back to the forum in early june brother. see ya.
  4. Cash in soon before the June Swoon.

    See 15,000 in 2015
  5. When do I think I will get the 2,000 points?

    <b> Maybe TOMORROW</b>

    Yee Haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. whatever, buy 200 more shares of your favorite stock and hold for the next 5 business days if you think you are high & mighty.

    dude, come back to the forum mid-june and tell me you made big money holding your long POShitions. ya i thought so.

  7. TOM134




    Here's what is going to happen:

    ".....What is the dollar cost of these misadventures? Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel-prize winner in economics, estimates a total cost to-date of Iraq II alone at about $2 trillion - includes ongoing veterans benefits, equipment repair, etc. Meanwhile, the U.S. is trying to militarize space - further adding to our military expenditures and indebtedness.

    Finally, Johnson sees our military costs eventually bankrupting the U.S. (if our escalating trade deficit doesn't first), aka Rome.

    Unfortunately, it all makes sense to me."

    You must read:

    Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic:


    Our $ will be worthless in a very short time!

  8. written by a communist

    America is stronger than ever
  9. S2007S


    7.5 years to get from 11k to 12k

    129 trading days to get from 12k to 13k.

    What if the next 1000 points does take a few years. Remember there hasnt been a 10% correction since the beginning of this bull market. Bull market is going on 5 years now.
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