Elizabeth Warren calls on J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to resign

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  3. You know what your most valuable asset is in a business?

    People who make mistakes.


    It's called (ta da) experience.

    It's pervasive in this country. Fuck up once and you're fired.

    You know what you have left?

    Industry run by people who never made a mistake.
  4. she should run for president.
  5. "Warren said while all the details of the trades are not known, banks should not be taking risks – risky trades should be left to financial institutions like hedge funds. Warren said she has been warning for years about the risks posed by larger and larger financial institutions."

    I'd like to know what in the world a "risk-free" banking industry would look like.

    Liberals just do not seem to understand risk at all. Risk is all-pervasive and no amount of oversight can fully mitigate it.

    JPM lost their own money here and aren't looking for any kind of bailout that I've heard of.

    I'm just not seeing the rationale for any government involvement in the situation.
  6. Kind of a misleading thread title given she's only asking for his resignation from the NY Fed and not JPM.

    "Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has called on J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to resign his position with the New York Federal Reserve Bank"
  7. No question he should resign from the NY Fed -can't fault anything she has to say in the interview.
    Given JPMs rap sheet -if he had any shame he would resign from JPM too. He's a sociopath though so there is no chance of that happening.
    What made me laugh was in the reporting in the UK press of the 2b loss, it was emphasized again and again that JPM didn't need bailing out in 2008. It says everything that they feel the need to keep on repeating that old lie.
  8. glad we've got some injuns looking into it
  9. How does she know of this-we're putting bloomberg stations in kitchens now?
  10. Good post. This is almost how it is. People who run the industry just know how to cover up better. Nobody is perfect but those that can maintain the perception of being perfect rise to the top. Just read the just world hypothesis. For JPM to be able to be willfully ignorant for the whole matter is atypical of the corporate system. Just keep lying and deny everything.
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