Elizabeth "Liza" Baldwin - Sailing to riches journal

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    Hello everyone, this is my personal journal of trading success.

    I need capital to trade, please send min of 100k per investor.

    Make checks payable to me Elizabeth "Liza" Baldwin, and send to St. Barts.
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    I'm buy the rights to her story. Seems she may need the funds for atty fees.

    Besides, this has got everything a made for tv movie needs. A scam, Narragansett, Virginia Beach, a 60 yo woman, St. Barts, a sailboat with crew. Its gold I tell ya.
  3. In May, Rhode Island State Police arrested Baldwin, charging her with embezzlement, obtaining money under false pretenses and access to computer for fraudulent purposes, all felonies. Police identified 47 victims who gave Baldwin a total of $8.7 million, of which $7.3 million is described as missing.

    Baldwin used the money to pay back prior investors, fund trading losses and pay personal expenses, including the purchase of the Van Ki Pass, police said. Losses from the nine Virginia Beach investors totaled almost $2.2 million.

    Baldwin was trading, police said, as an individual, not as the manager of a commodities pool. The Newportant Group never was a registered entity. And in the trading she was doing, she was mostly losing money, police said.

    In the 44 months between January 2004 and August 2007, Baldwin lost money in every month but one, police said. Her sole profit was $19,947 in July 2007, they said.

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    If Lisa discovers ET, she could have taking the ball call, learn channel trading, short housing or having some Eters manager 'her' money. too bad.
  5. Yes, she could have stock_trad3r handle her account... :D
  6. I bet I know some people who could persuade her to tell where the money is stashed.