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    Due to software problems with the browser version we have moved to yahoo messenger. Its available at http://messenger.yahoo.com/ once its installed and on line hit chat button and look for the elitetrading room in business and finance, under the user rooms tab. All welcome.

    The other room had software problems and several regulars probably dont know where we went. Thanks

  2. Why don't you just move to othernet (irc). That's where everybody who's chatting while trading is. Opening another channel window won't be a problem, but few people will want to keep a browser open in addition to mirc.

    In fact, I'll create #elitetrader on othernet, since there is no channel with that name. I need three volunteers to pm me with your email address, since the channel creation process requires three supporters. Thanks.

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    perhaps you could explain a bit more on what othernet is and how it is accessed?

  4. Ok. First, of all, mirc is the most widely used irc program. You can get more information about mirc at this address:


    You can also download mirc from the address above, or go to any download sites such as www.download.com (use the search function).

    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's the most popular real time chatting network. It's actually a protocol and software, since there are many different irc networks. At any time there are hundreds of thousands of people chatting on many thousands of channels an over 50 irc networks.

    If this sounds complicated, it's actually quite simple. Download mirc, install it. The installation is simple, however if you need instructions you'll find them here:


    Once it's installed, start mirc, chose Options from the File menu, and pick the irc server you want to connect to from the drop down list of servers (if you don't see the list, click on Connections on the left side of the pop-up window you get when you chose Options from the File menu.)

    You should chose othernet:Random Server (or a specific othernet server if you prefer.)

    Othernet is one of many irc networks. Othernet specifically serves daytraders. At any time during market hours there are up to 2000 people on some 200 channels.

    When you connect to othernet (you will get a status window with a message confirming that the connection was successful,) use the /list command to get a listing of all public channels. The most popular channels are #daytraders (no longer listed, since the owners chose to make it private, but you can still enter the channel,) #rttraders, #pitstock, #s&p (for futures e-mini traders.)

    Some of the brokers (such as TerraNova-MB) also have their own support channels on othernet, where at any time you can talk to customer service reps or any of the customers on that channel.

    There is an #interactivebrokers channel for IB customers (unfortunately no IB employees.)

    Once connected you use commands or the mouse to enter and leave channels, send private messages, etc.

    The full command list is here:


    But all you'll really need to know is:

    Whenever you type something in a channel window it's visible by everyone in the channel, unless you use precede the text with a /
    (forward slash) which is used to type in commands.

    /join #channelname

    using this command you can join a channel, replace 'channelname' with an actual channel name

    /part #channelname

    you leave a channel


    you get a list of all channels (except private or secret channels)

    /whois nick

    will give you information on a person using nick

    /msg nick text

    sends private message to nick (replace 'text' with the message you want to send)

    All channel names start with #

    That's all.

    One more thing, I need three supporters to start #elitetrader, but you won't actually have to do anything, this just tells the admins that there is enough interest so that it makes sense to create the channel. Again, PM me with your email and I'll create the channel.

  5. I would also like to invite every member of this forum to come and trade with us. It is a room primarily dedicated to trading the GNP, but we all post all types of trades. I personally post under the nick hkuppy, and post about 70% of my trades and about 95% of my volume in real time in that room as I enter the trade. Good luck to all of you, and see you there for another exciting one tomorrow.
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    That was actually plan b after the yahoo site got flakey, but a few others had trouble with mIRC and since everyone was setup and registered for yahoo it was just easier to go with yahoo messenger. But I agree mIRC is super smooth and trouble free. I did set up a mIRC room and only P2 was able to get in so thats why we are at yahoo.
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    I am having a problem getting into the room. I even reloaded Yahoo Messenger as I thought that the one I had on my computer might have been out of date, but the new version does not do any better. When I click on Chat I get the JOIN ROOM dialogue box and then a message comes up and says: Getting Category List. Then in the left hand pane I get the traditional message that says the webpage cannot load. If I click on the User Rooms tab, nothing happens. Can someone help please.
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    I had problems with it locking up while doing the same thing so I downloaded the beta form of messenger and it works ok. Try that.
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