EliteTraders team up - Lets move the markets!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Batman28, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. given the disgusting market manipulations I've observed in the past few days, I invite you all to form a pact and put up a few shows ourselves.

    let's all pick a single stock and play the game. everyone else is at it so what the heck..

    so which stock shall we begin with?
  2. how about TIS it hit a new high on the close! and it did 600 shares today, we could push it up to a billion dollars! :D
  3. Cutten


    Can't wait to see 1000 ET members all trying to front run each other for a tick.
  4. have u noticed humans cheat in ALL areas of life?

    look at sports, tied matches, wars, industrial competition, labour markets, sex, law, education, trade..

    u must be seriously stupid if u think the biggest casino in the world is fair and square..
  5. what gross manipulation have u seen?
  6. well right now anything goes.. lets call it recession, high volatility, Iran boats, subprime write downs, recessions whatever it takes.. it's the best time when u got everyone uncertain and good stuff to blame it on.. and u're ment to kill and eat ur pray when it's at its weakest.

    the only thing I've actually seen happend in the real world over the past 6 months is the poor getting poorer. not a cent value of any asset has been distroyed. it's just changed hands. daylight robbery. who made sure of the subprime break out anyways? I guess wars have to be funded somehow! and now we can lower rates! and business cycles are tought in econ 101. recession is the biggest tax everyone pay.
  7. How about all these merger rumors getting leaked. If a rumor is reported on some small website that's one thing, but now you have WSJ and CNBC reporting this stuff. Where is the SEC???
  8. Not sure how long you are following economic developments or even the markets, but this is not "manipulation", this is merely what we call the cycles of capitalism. Get with the program or don't play.
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    What makes you think the market was manipulated in the past few days?

    I am quite happy with my trading results, why would I want/need to change that?
  10. u have no clue what I'm even talkin about.

    I'm not on about playing or not. I don't even trade. but its nice how even the smartest people can be shut out of reality with a little 'compensation'. keep at the play, ur SUCCESSFUL don't worry about anything else.
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