EliteTrader's competence test (Please vote)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by saschabr, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Ok, this is a small short term test how
    good some traders at this board really are:

    Just vote now, will we go Limit-UP today
    evening / night ?

    There are some hours to go till the opening, to just vote now.

    Votes after the opening are void...
  2. But maybe this question is a bit too simple :)
  3. i'm the lone limit up voter. Just buy mofos:cool:
  4. No way is the ES going up 50 pts based off this news event!

  5. Pssssst.... I said it would be a simple question ! Do not tell'em
  6. I'd even go as far as saying ES won't cross 1100 because of this news event. If they captured Osama, I could see the market jumping big, but Saddam has been off the News radar for many months now.


  7. Agreed.
  8. Cheese


    I don't quite understand this Saddam scare on ET.

    If the current off-market price, say cash Dow equivalent (last saw it at 10030 mid-price) has not reacted with a big upsurge then the market has given its message, hasn't it?
  9. yes: 5
    no: 26

    I personally doubt we will go higher than
    1090 (+15 - +20)
  10. ...the shepherds shear the sheep.
    #10     Dec 14, 2003