EliteTrader VS Trade2win

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  1. I laugh more with the posts at ET.
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  2. Elite has Satan's Helper (that's me) and other shady scoundrels to provide you with hours of useless entertainment.
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  3. RobertG


    Trade2Win is a site for the perpetual paper trader who one day will decide to trade FX with $200. Then cry they lost 20 bucks, make a thread about about it, while the rest of the T2W community will come in one big group hug in support. Then he/she will paper trade for another two months while asking everyone if they know a better broker with zero commissions, zero spread and a f guaranteed setup that works 100% of the time. On the next trade, he will lose 5 bucks on ULTRA MINI MICRO lot, but he will call it a success because its "cutting your losses short". One day he will come to ET and ask a question, but the "intelligence" on this site will cause him to hang himself.
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  4. j2ee


    interesting story
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  5. You mean to say the "truth" on this site.......
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  6. ET versus T2W is like 4chan versus reddit.

    Only which is which?
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  7. isnt that the site that forces you to register an account in order to view

    after a few pages it blocks you.

    I didnt want to bother setting up an acct, so stopped going there. so I have no opinion on t2w.

    we have had BMT vs ET, and T2W vs ET, what else is there? Forex factory perhaps?

    they dont have a very good reputation with the "Jacko" fraud and all..... LOL.... FF is 98% struggling retail and 2% struggling retail that pretends to be successful.... :p

    at least on ET there are at least a few confirmed successful traders.

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  8. Do they have quality posters on a level competitive with stock777, hershey, oldtime or similar?
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  9. nkhoi

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    and don't forget you heard about Madoff here first wayyy before SEC got involved. Who warned you about internet bubble? Who warned you about mortgage bubble?
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  10. I'd reverse that
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