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  1. j2ee


    Hi everyone, I have been in EliteTrader for awhile and I come up with these three questions:

    1. EliteTrader and Trade2win are the biggest two trading forums in internet? I look at alexa traffic, their traffic are extremely similar now.

    2. I focus on automated trading and look like EliteTrader has much better resource for this, is that true?

    3. Trade2win has more beginner level of people while EliteTrader has more senior level, that's why all the trading system, data feed, brokers have big ads in EliteTrader?
  2. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    ET just has more winning personalities!
  3. slumdog


    Trade2win is more for the UK bucket shop crowd, spread betting and shady forex firms.
  4. j2ee


    I see...:D
  5. Mysteron


    I'm sure that both ET and T2W have the same distribution of personality types with equally variable trading abilities.

    The real difference that is obvious to me is that ET doesn't have the same intrusive level of advertising that exists on T2W (and also on Traders Laboratory) where the web pages freeze until the averts load, so T2W is a pain in the neck in that respect.
  6. Actual big time money managers read and contribute to ET while trade 2r wine is 98% struggling retail with 2% shark vendors preying on them. I found it unreadable, empty of quality information, and a bunch of fast buck artists posting nonsense. ET is far superior with the quality of posts and professional financial users. surf
  7. 1) T2W'ers like soccer. :(
    2) ET'ers like football, basketball & baseball. :)
  8. RedDuke


    Agree with most things said about ET above. I looked at most of them and ET way more superior.
  9. j2ee


    most of the trade2win people should have no clue about the serious topic over here
  10. One has more suckers than the other
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