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  1. I am interested in taking a poll of our Elitetrader community. I concede that the 4 options are not exhaustive, but it would be interesting to see which of the styles is most in vogue these days.

    Please vote for the style closest to yours, even if your specific style is not listed

    Thank you,

    a) For the 1st option, read "Level 2" as inclusive of tape reading for NYSE stocks, if you prefer to scalp NYSE stocks.
    b) for the 1st option, allow for shorting too (e.g. replace buyside orderflow by sellside orderflow for shorts).
  2. You're leaving out current strategies. (Openings, MOC's, Pairs, ), etc.

  3. Fair enough Don, I agree. But I am attempting to make the poll as generic as possible. Openings and MOCs could possibly fall under category 1 or 2, and intraday Pairs could possibly fall under a market neutral version of category 3 (swing pairs under category 4). But point taken, the above list is not exhaustive (since pairs often involve numerical analytics which goes beyond both charts and level 2)...
  4. nitro


    I voted as close as possible to my trading style - but it is at best a huge misrepresentation.

  5. Should be interesting to see the results.

    Where are you going to post the results, on this thread?
    Are you going to show the results as they come in?
  6. MACD,

    Once you have voted, you can see the results for yourself... they come up automatically!

  7. I think I am brain dead, should have read the list more carefully. Too much trading and time in front of the computer. Better take a break and go out and enjoy the day.

  8. I personally chose #3, but I think that's not close enough. I often take very large intraday positions, and hold them overnight. Look at RNA for instance. I took a ton of it at 10.9's and held it overnight to sell at 11.62 avg (I think) the next day. I personally think it goes further, but I prefer to be flat over weekends. But that's my style. Size + overnight + good risk control = profits.
  9. So far, an interestingly even range of responses across all styles... intraday timeframes are preferred, ranging from chart scalps to chart swings... I wonder if the emphasis on charts for intraday trading holds in equal measure for both NYSE and Nasdaq traders?
  10. This is fustrating. I know my strategy is to catch larger intraday swings but for some reason I only manage scalps. I would say I have to stick to my strategy of longer intraday trades than actual performance using scalps in recent months. Scalps are in my tool bag but not my focus.
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