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Discussion in 'Options' started by asdfghj7, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. As I now write this, above is a tab labeled 'Option Analysis'
    If I click it, nothing comes up. Could someone please help.
  2. erol


  3. Browser was right. Thanks man.
  4. I seriously thought this was a thread about certain members of this site. :D
  5. me too! hope i'm not one of them..:p
  6. spindr0


    GEEEZE !!! I was looking forward to some flaming!

  7. 'GEEEZE !!! I was looking forward to some flaming!'

    Look Spin, your a good guy and all, and you've helped many people, including myself in the past. However, if you can quote the rules, then you certainly can abide by them. You know darn well that any kind of flaming requests belongs in the 'chit-chat' forum, NOT the options forum. In the past, when you asked newbies to describe what they were wearing before you answered their questions, we all let it slide. Mark called me screamin for two frickin hours after your last little 'whatever you want to call it'. Enough is enough!
  8. spindr0


    I asked newbies to describe what they were wearing before I answered their questions??
    WTF is wrong with you? Are you from Bizarro World? Take your medicine and stop making up bullsh*t
  9. That's the point. Its so bizarre, it couldn't be true. I tried to make it as wild as possible. My bad.