Elitetrader post prize contest

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by bearice, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. My suggestion is that elitetrader should pay some prize money to member who posts every 25,000th post.

    Example: Now elitetrader has 2,692,200 posts so the member who posts 2,700,000 post should get some prize money. Then the member who posts 2,725,000 post should get some prize money and so on....

    This will encourage members to register and post in elitetrader and there will be more discussion here.

    Some other forums have this idea so I posted this.
  2. Other idea would be the elitetrader member who starts intelligent and important threads which provides valuable information and results in intelligent discussion should be given some prize money.

    Also member whose majority of posts are intelligent and important should be given prize money. This will improve/enhance the quality of elitetrader.

    Definately, Bearice will win the prize for both the contest.
  3. I think all this will only attract people to post one-liner trash.

    And useless image files.
  4. Similar idea to what pokerstars is doing but the difference there is you have no idea if you will actually be playing on the right table at the right time to get the additional prize money.

    On et however, you could have bots just watching the post counts and then post as soon as it's there or close.

    Instead of attracting one line posts and bots, some sort of reward for the best post(s) of the month/year would be a neat idea but has ET EVER given back ANY money to the people that are the only reason this site is still here? Why start now?
  5. Here you go. :cool:
  6. I would like to suggest a prize for the stupidest suggestion.

    Do I win?
  7. I would like to suggest a prize for the stupidest suggestion.

    Do I win?
  8. $ 1 Trillion.