Elitetrader No.3 in Barron's

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    Baron makes Barron's! Congratulations, here come the newbies!

    Chat/Message Boards

    Silicon Investor (www.siliconinvestor.com) once again got top marks. The site posts hot topics on its opening page, and you can drill down into all that's offered. Silicon Investor divides its message threads into several broad categories, ranging from Aerospace and Defense to Market Trends and Strategies to Web/Information Stocks. The boards are well-attended, with a minimum of fluff.

    Honorable Mention goes to The Motley Fool (www.fool.com). The site has developed quite a community over the years, evidenced by the rate of participation on its message boards -- and the quality of a lot of its postings. Message threads are divided by topic, but there's also an A-Z listing of individual stocks.

    Elite Trader (www.elitetrader.com) is a great compendium of message boards, divided into typical categories (trading, futures, technical analysis) and not-so-typical master topics, like the psychology of trading.
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  3. Psych mention - HoooHaa!
  4. Once other companies get interested like Lycos did in RagingBull for millions (I don't know the exact million amount) and Go2Net bought SiliconInvestor for $33 million back in 1998 I think...

    I wonder how much Baron would sell EliteTrader.com for in current market conditions...

    anybody willing to take a guess how much money Baron would say YES to???

    $5million, $10mil, $15mil, $25mil or never would sell ???

    I would guess between $5mil to $10mil would part Baron from EliteTrader.com

    If such happens...I'm sure the moderators would get paid (small salary) by the new owners instead of doing volunteer work.

    Maybe Baron would stay around for a year as a consultant :cool:

  5. Congrats Baron!

    I went to a message board called the Emini Pit. I read thru 50 consecutive posts and didn't see one post that was the least bit vulgar, or disrespectful to another poster. 50 consecutive posts!!! And not one post consisted of smiley faces, or was intended to stir up emotions.

    Yet I know it happens because this was the second guideline for the thread:

    Gee whiz, what a unique concept?
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  7. Sounds boring.

  8. please provide URL for eminipit.

    thank you