Elitetrader Members are Happy

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by bearice, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. I think hundreds of elitetrader members are happy that Bearice is posting again in elitetrader.

    Some examples of what world people write about me

    1) Some people say he speaks like George Bush and he is more intelligent than Obama.

    2) He is special. He will become president but world people do not understand. 7 Billion people do not understand world evolution and his supremacy.

    3) If everybody was as eager as him to bring changes then today we would be having city on planet Mars.

    4) Bearice is a provocateur. He brings out the worst and best instincts in people. The threads are usually interesting until there is a barrage of posts attacking him personally.

    4) He is a valued member and gives pertinent information. Many of his predictions have come to fruition.

    5) If you look at his posts, the hits he accumulates is very high. For what ever reason this is, it generates income. In short he makes the site money. Purely a statement of fact. If you look at his posts they generate lots of hits. This in turn generates revenue as a result of the advertising. They will not ban him.

    6) He is the most intelligent poster on the board.

    7) He is a out of control rocket way out there.

    8) He has the makings of a first class dictator.

    9) I doubt any forum members are worth zillions of dollars.

    10) Let's have a democratic vote: Who wants to read about his commentary on economic and world affairs or other blog ? I think the answer is clear.

    11) He is awesome. Don't ban him.

    12) I don't come by here often nor do I post to that extent but whenever I run across a post by him, it sure does make me crack a smile. And that is priceless.

    I can write many examples but space and time is limited.

    I had discussions with CEO who manages some $2 Trillion.

    I speak to people who earn $2 per day and I speak to people who earn $1000 to $50 million per year.

    I have purchased food from a 75 year old man who was carrying some 25 kgs on his shoulders so that he can feed his family.

    I eat expensive food and I eat cheap but good food that is the reason I post and read in forums for long hours.

    How many world leader have purchased food from a 75 year old man who was carrying some 25 kgs on his shoulders?