EliteTrader June 1981

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  1. I thought I would recreate something here for all of you, just to put things in perspective

    let me set the scene

    June 1981

    Paul Volcker has just set the fed funds rate at 20%

    what ensues is hilarity
  2. The tight one Volcker has just ruined the country! How are farmers ever going to pay off debts or take out loans?

    He knew he was going to do this from the start! He has been determined to ruin this country, the deflation is coming and it will bring us DOWN
  3. Bye guys! im off to china, enjoy your deflation! Send me a postcard. I hope you enjoy paying 5 cents for a loaf of bread and making $15 a week!

    the deflation is coming and it will bring the country DOWN! Mark my words, the country is coming DOWN!
  4. Hey guys my name is Fly Down this is my first post, id like to take the time to make my first ever top call!

    The s and p has topped! by 1990 it should be below 50 sell now! :)
  5. this will end any serious economic growth, welcome to the world of stagnation! We will be stuck here for years, i hope you tell your children what america was like when it actually prospered

    the deflation is coming and it will bring our country DOWN!