EliteTrader is now full of worthless info and idiots!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ES Master, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. This website 2/3 years ago used to have some very learned discussion that was civil and forthright that you could actually learn something from.

    Now this website has degenerated to a worthless denizen cesspool of cussing and useless information. No longer having much relavent and usefull information, the site is now just full of stupid worthless newbie herd traders that don't have a clue about trading, ABOUT LIFE, or what IS ACTUALLY going on this planet and who IS REALLY CONTROLLING IT as I speak.

    I do hope that some of the worthless and pathetic here go away of wake up(this is doubfull and the source of my dismay). Absolutely pathetic some are and I do hope they get there wakeup call.

    Many here lack any decency or dignity and have no courtesy whatsoever. Get a life and for Christ's sake, what what you say to others. Elitetrader, where the blind lead the blind.
  2. Welcome to Obamanation that causes desolation.
  3. MaxSpain


    Shimon, is that you? You little rascal. Still didn't take those English classes now did you?
  4. This site has just become disarrayed, like most of human nature, it lacks purpose and insight.

    Sometimes, on a rant, a person does not care if his usage and grammer are absolutely correct, especially in this redundant forum. You have proven my point.

    I will not react to this thread again. I just needed to state the obvious facts. Now back on target. Ciao!
  5. Do you mean like this post:
  6. Wait, is this a pop quiz?

    Okay, here goes. The answer is either:

    1) Nostradamus
    2) Area 51
    3) Jerry Lee Lewis, or
    4) Joos

    How'd I do?

  7. The finger you are pointing with has three more pointing
    right back at you. Now put your dress back on and post
    some more meaningless leftist drivel.