EliteTrader is a virtual real time model of how Unites States works

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    ET has citizens those that registered and illegal aliens and legit visitors (those that don't bother registering)

    ET has its criminals which are booted out.
    ET has is good standing citizens like Gnome, ChaosNSX etc etc
    ET has its police and security which are Mods
    ET has its president with power which is Baron and Pentagon which is Joe.

    I hope you are reading because NOW IT GETS INTERESTING.

    United States of America is all about freedom and prosperity. Just like Elitetrader is all about trading and learning to trade.

    But lets move beyond official storyline and dig deeper. Just like real USA, EliteTrader censors the truth in some cases.

    US censors real economic situation and war efforts. ET censors the fact that almost no one learns trading on ET and this is site about trading.

    US is about prosperity yet this chart below shows US prosperity is make believe.


    Elite Trader is about trading yet its really about advertising to noobs.

    Fascinating don't you agree :cool:
  2. The real solution for our problems would be to send Jack Hershey to help Ben Bernanke. If he used his SCT methods on economic data, the Fed would act correctly. Then we would all be prosperous and everyone in America would drive luxury cadillacs and have big flat screen tvs.

    If only Ben Bernanke used technical analysis to outsmart the other countries by choosing the right period for his moving average or MACD!!

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    Now don't get me wrong I like ET, just sayin :)
  4. You left out the secret service. This is the dept that exchanges secret trading tips via pm's.

    °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ do do do do °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
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    LOL yeah of course of course :D
  6. oh all right, the market is going down Friday:cool: :D :D

    Clairvoyant fee $5.
  7. ....newman!!!!....

    ...great analogy....your chart confirms my belief that around 1968 was the peak of the american empire...(1968 GTO, CAR OF THE YEAR)...

    ...down hill since then...
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    thanks, I couldn't agree more
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    sorry I have to bump this thread cause it brilliant :D
  10. tt chart is total BS as there are too few data pts. try 500 yrs and see what is the conclusion
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