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  1. Found a two paragraph mention of this "darn good message-board site" at Barron's online under Electronic Investor by Kathy Yakal.:)
  2. How about posting them here?
  3. Invite her to identify herself, or join these boards....
  4. Baron

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    I just found a copy and checked it out. It's pretty cool. They showed a pic of the ET homepage and then wrote the following:

    "We recently ran across a darn good message-board site that this column hasn't covered before: www.elitetrader.com is free (registration required), and a lot of the conversation is lively and on-topic. One investor's recap: "Got slapped around today". Other topics touched on include the psychological aspects of trading.

    Real-time chat is available 24/7, but tapers off when markets are closed. And special chat events have included Strategies to Trade Foreigh Currencies, and Risk Management (free transcripts available). Elite Trader is worth checking out, especially if you're not finding what you're looking for at highly trafficked sites like Silicon investor - or simply want a smaller community"

  5. Sweet :cool:

    -FastTrader :)
  6. Not all, but a lot. Being "on topic" must be important... at least to the Barron's reporter. I bet to many others also. It is to me.
  7. Nice job, Baron! Remember us little people when you make it big.
  8. what's the link to the article, or a copy of it posted here?
  9. Hey, whoever said "Got slapped around today" just got their 15mins of fame. They can now brag to friends and family that they were quoted in Barrons.
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