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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Nine_Ender, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Honestly, the creeps on this site are too much. Such a cowardly display of posting from a small group of anonymous hacks who think they are traders.

    Cyberbullying is quite obvious, but I don't accept it. And anyone who is a decent, reasonable person who believes this site can be helpful to their trading needs to speak up. Or perhaps there are no decent people on here ? I admit, that is possible.

    Atticus has suggested I take a bullet. Denner has suggested he has been bombarded with messages saying I am senile. These are desperate attempts from absolute creeps that they post when their other attempts to character assassinate aren't working. They ratchet up their distasteful content until such point as they get to "control" the airwaves.

    The theory of the "Ugly American" is well known in the world. This site is helping to perpetuate this stereotype to the worst degree.

    I don't accept these threats. I don't back down from this crap either. My record of making calls and trade recommendations on this site is steller. Obviously, these creeps feel threatened by this, and want to take me down.

    I refuse. Fuck them.
  2. jokepie


    Why do u care - what some one says on a freaking blog.
    learn to Ignore ....
    Gain what u can get and leave the scum alone.
    And what's wrong with a little fun once in a while...take it like a man.
  3. dont feel bad mf. I've made some amazing calls here and get nothing but crap. so making bad calls, well, ya gets what ya paid for .
  4. Larson

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    There were several requests for mods to end or move the thread and it is still standing. I guess they view it as good entertainment, at your expense Nine Ender. Tough Luck, bro.
  5. Nine ender i am going to be sincere, you really attacked every single person on the site, nominating people for the dumbest posts of the year..... that's a fucking asshole move, now you have to shut the fuck up and eat it....

    what can you really say... you did it to yourself.... not the other way around...
  6. Look, I posted numerous strong trading ideas on this forum in the space of a year plus. It was a complete waste of time, given the negative noise that exists on this site.

    The idea that a bunch of creeps can then start claiming I've presented a totally different set of recommendations is too much.
    Its internet based slander.

    Anyone who knows me in person knows I don't back down from a challenge, and have no issues speaking my mind in person.
    But I can't deal with a bunch of anonymous creeps who will say anything, no matter how ridiculous, to try to "win" in their minds.
    And if they aren't winning, they'll say stuff like "take a bullet".
    Would anyone ever really want to know someone who says stuff like that ? They seem to be pretty severe sociopaths on this site.
  7. +1000.

    The narcisstic asshole doesn't seem to grasp it. He dishes it out, but starts these pathetic "farewell" threads once he gets it in return.

    Time for "rear_ender" to either take it like a man or get lost.
  8. Keep doling out the shit, I don't have to do a damn thing you say.
    In fact, I think the whole episode has cleared up any delusions people might have had about the quality of this site.
  9. You can't claim slander when we USE YOUR OWN QUOTES to challenge your revisionist history.

    How many f'ing times do we need to repeat this obvious point to you?
  10. Denner, honestly, I think your family hates you.
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